Streams of Research:
  • Research related to interactive computational tools, media, and platforms.
  • Smart products, smart buildings, smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), digital twins
  • Design theory, cognitivist foundations of design, design complexity, and the epistemology of design

Current Research

Interactive Products, Computational Tools, and Platforms

At DBL, Georgia Tech I applied practical and theoretical knowledge of CAD and 3D modeling, interaction design, user-centered design, user experience, and IT product development in order to explore, devise, and implement a novel Internet of Things (IoT) platform that enables the Smart City vision for human settlements at different scales. This research is sponsored by the Digital Building Laboratory’s (DBL) contributing and associate members which include Autodesk, Vectorworks, and the Smithsonian Institute. The work to-date regarding this computational platform, as well as its associated graphical user interface, was recently presented at the 2019 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

DBL SmartCity: Web app client
CAMBRIA prototype for working with multiple parametric CAD models in parallel
Design Theory

In addition to above, I have been working on a formal model of design knowledge that helps design practitioners and design researchers to better understand, explain, map, and acquire various bodies of design knowledge. 

The “CDH” (context-development-high level) hierarchical model of design knowledge.
Schön’s model of design processes