Conference Publications

  • S. Kolaric, J. Beck, E. Stolterman: On the Hierarchical Levels of Design Knowledge. In Proceedings of DESIGN 2020, the 16th International Design Conference, Design Society, Dubrovnik (2020).
  • S. Kolaric, D. Shelden:  DBL SmartCity: An Open-Source IoT Platform for Managing Large BIM and 3D Geo-Referenced Datasets, Full paper, Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-52), Grand Wailea, Maui, HI (2019).
  • S. Kolaric, H. Erhan, R. Woodbury:  CAMBRIA: Interacting with Multiple Design Alternatives, Long paper (20 p.), published in: (a) Proceedings of the 17th International CAAD Futures Conference (CAADFutures 2017), Istanbul, Turkey (2017), and in  (b) G. Cagdas et al, Computer-Aided Architectural Design. Future Trajectories, the book of selected papers, part of Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) series, Volume 724, Springer Press (2017).
  • S. Kolaric, R. Woodbury, H. Erhan: CAMBRIA: A Tool for Managing Multiple Design Alternatives, Extended Abstract, Proceedings of the ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS’14), Vancouver, BC, Canada (2014).
  • S. Kolaric, H. Erhan, B. Riecke, R. Woodbury: Comprehending Parametric CAD Models: An Evaluation of Two Graphical User Interfaces, Short Paper, Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI 2010), Reykjavik, Iceland, p.707-710 (2010).
  • S. Kolaric, A. Raposo, M. Gattass: Direct 3D Manipulation Using Vision-Based Recognition of Uninstrumented Hands, Full Paper, X Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality (SVR 2008), Conference Proceedings, Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil, p.212-220 (2008).
  • K. Skala, S. Kolaric: Intelligent Hypermedia Textbook, Full Paper, Conference Proceedings of the 15th International Scientific Conference on Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia, p.207-215 (1998).
  • K. Skala, S. Kolaric, I. Sostarec, I. Ziha, V. Horvat: Interactive Collaborative Hypermedia Textbook, Full Paper, Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia Technology and Digital Telecommunication Services, Budapest, Hungary, p.205-211 (1998).

Book Chapters

  • S. Kolaric, D. Shelden: Towards an Open IoT Implementation for Urban Environments: The Architecture of the DBL SmartCity Platform. In the book: Elsa Estevez, Theresa A. Pardo, and Hans Jochen Scholl (Editors): Smart Cities and Smart Governance: Towards the 22nd Century Sustainable City, Springer Public Administration and Information Technology (PAIT) Series (forthcoming 2020).
  • R. Woodbury, S. Kolaric, H. Erhan, J. Guenther: Exploring for Designs: Five Basic Elements. In Rachel Armstrong (Author, Editor) and Simone Ferracina (Editor): “Unconventional Computing: Design Methods for Adaptive Architecture”, Riverside Architectural Press / ABC Art Books Canada (2013).

Non-Referred Publications

  • S. Kolaric: A Hierarchical Model of Design Knowledge, Technical Report, Simon Fraser University (2017).
  • E. Mestrovic, T. Friscic, N. Judas, D. Mrvos-Sermek, Z. Bojanic, M. Mocibob, S. Kolaric, M. Knok: Internet Centar za Nastavu Kemije (in Croatian), Poster, Conference Proceedings of XVI Hrvatski Skup Kemicara i Kemijskih Inzenjera, Zagreb, Croatia, p.372 (1999).
  • S. Kolaric, K. Skala, B. Medved Rogina: Optoelektronicki Sustavi (in Croatian), textbook (manuscript) for undergraduate students,  Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb (1999).

Theses and Dissertations

  • S. Kolaric, Interacting with Design Alternatives, Ph.D. Thesis,  School of Interactive Arts and Technologies, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada (2016).
  • S. Kolaric: Towards Direct Spatial Manipulation of Virtual 3D Objects Using Vision-Based Tracking and Gesture Recognition of Unmarked Hands, M.Sc. Thesis, PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil (2008).
  • S. Kolaric:  Rezoniranje o Znanju i Vjerovanju u Kontekstu n-Agentnih Modalnih Logika (in Croatian), B.Sc. Dissertation, University of Zagreb, Department of Mathematics, Croatia (1998).


  • S. Kolaric, J. Bowes, Perceiving Built Spaces and Structures: A Study of Affective and Emotional Responses, draft essay for IAT 801 (2011). PDF
  • S. Kolaric, EDELANG: Environmental Design Language, draft paper (2009). PDF